3rd China International Rail Investment & Construction BIM Application Summit

Rail transit application of BIM technology

March 30-31, 2018,Guangzhou·China


  In the first half of 2017, a total of 247 new urban rail transit lines have been put into operation in 10 cities in China, and 381 new urban rail transit lines in 16 cities have been built. At the end of June, the new 238.35 km subway operation, tram   8.92   kilometers;   the new subway construction of 304 km, 21.57 km monorail tram 55.64 km. Shijiazhuang has put into operation the urban rail transit line for the first time, and the number of urban rail transit lines has increased to 31, with a total mileage of 4400 km. Baotou, Luoyang, Miller, Wenshan, Fukang, Anyang 5 city for the first time to start the construction of urban rail transit, the construction of urban rail transit to the city of 53, built in the total size of line 5770 km.
        Enter the "13th Five- Year" period, "development program" 2016~2020 information of construction industry pointed out that the construction industry to improve the level of information, enhance the application ability of information technology such as BIM integration, construction of digitalization and intelligentization breakthrough. Shanghai, Hunan and other 12 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions have issued relevant policy documents to promote the application of BIM technology. In September 4, 2017, the Ministry of housing issued the "total investment cost of construction projects (Draft)", officially included BIM in the National Engineering costs. At the same time, BIM industry chain, local BIM booming, surveying, construction, design, construction and the software development of enterprises to participate in the provincial League of BIM has reached 13, the rapid development of BIM education, BIM services and other related industries. Construction project has been from "do not use BIM", "BIM has no use" into "how to use BIM", "how to make good use of BIM" stage.
        In the face of rail transit investment and construction of rapid growth, the third China international rail transit investment and construction of BIM Technology Application Summit to continue to promote the technical progress of the industry for the purpose, and actively promote the BIM technology used in the design, construction and operation of rail transit project lifecycle. The third China International Rail Transit Investment and construction BIM technology application Summit Forum (Rail Transit BIM SUMMIT 2018), we will be held on March 2018 30-31, looking forward to the active participation of all units.