3rd China International Rail Investment & Construction BIM Application Summit

Rail transit application of BIM technology

March 30-31, 2018,Guangzhou·China

Hot topics

Development status of rail transit BIM application at home and abroad;
Design of strategy scheme for BIM implementation of rail transit;
Discussion on application standard of rail transit BIM;
Domestic metro owners' BIM application management mode communication;
Rail transit owners BIM application procurement strategy sharing;

Theme One:Survey and Design Service
1.Rail transit BIM design and design delivery standards;
2.3D collaborative design of site simulation and electromechanical modeling in rail transit BIM;
3.Integration and coordination check of BIM model;
4.The application of BIM technology in rail traffic volume calculation,resource management, cost management and so on;
5.Exploration of real modeling walkthrough and BIM application of VR+AR;
6.Integrated application of BIM and Internet of things, GIS, 3D laser scanning,unmanned aerial vehicle and other technologies in survey and design process;

Theme Two :Construction Management
1.Discussion on BIM implementation strategy in construction process;
2.Discussion on BIM completion standard in rail transit engineering construction;
3.Simulation and optimization of Road intersection and pipeline relocation in multi dimensional BIM model virtual environment;
4.Exploration on coding standard of BIM facilities, equipment and materials in rail transit;
5.BIM simulation of traffic relief scheme in construction process;
6.Application of BIM in construction simulation of civil engineering;
7.Auxiliary statistics of Engineering quantity;
8.Construction and operation safety control and early warning technology of tunnel and underground engineering based on BIM;

Theme Three :Operation and Maintenance Management
1.Application of BIM technology in facility asset management, equipment operation and maintenance management, emergency plan management and so on;
2.Construction of collaborative management platform for BIM data;
3.Operation simulation of BIM technology;
4.Delivery standard of urban rail transit operation and maintenance model based on BIM;

Theme Four:Innovation Sharing
1.Application of full life cycle cloud platform in rail transit;
2.Application of BIM+ cloud computing in rail transit;
3.Application of BIM+3D printing in rail transit;
4.Application of BIM+ digital processing in rail transit;
5.Application of BIM+ unmanned aerial vehicle in rail transit;
6.Application of BIM+ intelligent total station in rail transit;