2020 Infrastructure BIM Conference


April 16-17, 2020,Shanghai·China

Previous Speakers

Previous Speakers

Zou Dong Guangzhou Metro Deputy Director
Wang Zhibing
Tianjin teda urban rail transit investment development co. LTD
Deputy manager of the information management department
Liu Kading
Shenzhen Metro Group Co.,Ltd Chief planner
Li Bai
China institute of construction science and technology co., LTD
BIM product manager
Yang Guowei
Shanghai Shentong Metro Chief engineer
Li Meihua
The department of housing and urban-rural development of science and technology development promotion center Associtation Dean
Xia Haibing
Original Shanghai Tunnel Engineering & Rail Transit Design and Research Institute Director of BIM institute of technology applications
Zhang Luwei
Shanghai municipal engineering design research institute (group) co. LTD Deputy chief engineer of information management department
Yao Shouyan
China construction eighth engineering bureau co. LTD
Deputy manager of science and technology
Yan Xinjun
China railway construction engineering group installation engineering co. LTD Director of BIM centre
Hou Tie
Shenzhen municipal design and research institute co. LTD
President of BIM design institute
Xin Zuoxian
Original Shanghai underground space architectural design & research institute deputy dean
Deng Xueyuan
Shanghai Jiaotong university BIM research center Executive Director
Lu Yanjun
China construction three bureau group transportation branch
Chief engineer of BIM institute
Tian Hua
China construction 5 bureau industrial equipment installation co. LTD Director of design centre
Wang Zihao
China construction sixth engineering bureau co., LTD. Tianjin rail transit branch Director of BIM
Xue Zhigang
Guangzhou rail transit construction supervision co. LTD
Project Manager
Teng Li
Shanghai underground space design and research institute co. LTD
Deputy chief engineer
Lu Cirong
Shaoxing rail transit group co. LTD Deputy chief engineer
Kevin Zhu Dassault Systemes
AEC Industry Senior Business Consultant at Dassault Systemes
Xin Weitao
Technical manager
Wang Xinnan
Zhongjiao second highway survey and design research institute co. LTD Deputy director of the BIM center
Yu Xiaosi
China railway seven bureau group co. LTD Deputy chief engineer
Derek Fu IBM Watson
Global technical advisor for the Iot
Wu Xuefeng Qingdao metro group
Deputy director of general work office